How I help

I've worked with many different people in a range of life situations. I enjoy meeting people where they are and adapting the structure of the work we do together to match their needs.

My aim is that you'll learn skills that will continue to benefit your creativity after our work together ends.



One-on-one help


Creative coaching helps you to work through what you're struggling with, and find ways forwards.

I work with people over the phone and in person. Sessions are up to an hour long, weekly or fortnightly. Between sessions, we have an email exchange that helps you to stay on track and moving forward.

Contact me to make a booking.


Help for groups

I prepare and lead creativity-related workshops.

Find out more here. If you want to talk with me about a workshop idea you have, contact me.


My skills, training and experience

I began creative coaching three years ago. This formalized a role I've often played in my communities. I've completed Eric Maisel's Advanced Creative Coaching training. 

My training and work in adult education led me to research how to help adults grow, and how to break skills down into tiny parts. I have prepared and facilitated scores of effective sessions, and am often complimented on the fun, relaxing and learning-filled atmosphere I promote.

Two years as a trained Lifeline phone counsellor honed my listening skills, and gave a deeper understanding of what blocks us, the role of emotion and how people can transform.

I have a Masters degree with first class honors in the humanities. The research skills I gained are useful for satisfying my strong interest in the brain. This keeps me familiar with key insights from neuroscience and psychology.

Most importantly, I have a lifetime experience as  a creative person. Learning how to help myself has motivated me to acquire a diverse range of techniques and insights. 


What people say

Stephanie you helped me so much! Such wise words and so’ll always be one of the main lifelines that helped me transition from stay-at-home mother for 10 years to fulfilling my creative dreams.
— Kate Woodcock
The worksheet is amazing. It helped me to focus on why I write and how I feel about it. You were informative without being tedious or boring. I loved the simple way you explained the intricacies of editing. Many thanks.
— Patricia Pike
I love spending time with Stephanie and look forward to our catch-ups. She has so many great ideas, and I feel I learn something new every time we talk. You are inspirational, Stephanie! Arohanui x
— Camilla Carty-Melis

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