Stephanie you helped me so much! Such wise words and so intuitive...you’ll always be one of the main lifelines that helped me transition from stay-at-home mother for 10 years to fulfilling my creative dreams.
— Kate Woodcock
Stephanie’s care, experience, intelligence and genuine fascination with people and their creative minds has you in good hands. In every session we were able to solve problems and develop strategies or new habits to find balance and be better prepared for those high stress or low energy times. I would recommend with confidence and will continue to work with Creative Dynamo in the future. Ka pai!
— Craig McClure
I love spending time with Stephanie and look forward to our catch-ups. She has so many great ideas, and I feel I learn something new every time we talk. You are inspirational, Stephanie! Arohanui x
— Camilla Carty-Melis
The worksheet is amazing. It helped me to focus on why I write and how I feel about it. You were informative without being tedious or boring. I loved the simple way you explained the intricacies of editing. Many thanks.
— Patricia Pike
I thoroughly enjoyed today’s session. We as a group have been envigorated and I enjoy the way you presented the session in an easy, relaxed style. I will happily undertake to experiment with early 10 minute writing – perhaps a journaling of thoughts that arise or remembered dreams. Thank you very much!
— Carrie Dean
Stephanie’s skills are so diverse that she is able to take both my masters research, and work with people who have disability to the next level. She has given me a myriad of ideas and possible solutions for every challenge I have brought to her. I would definitely recommend Stephanie as a supervisor for both academic and professional roles.
— Nicolina Newcombe
As a mentor, Stephanie helped me to define my goals to move my creative practice forward. We agreed on homework tasks each week, which was a great motivator and we celebrated successes. We identified key factors which had derailed me in the past and found strategies for overcoming them. There was allowance for experimentation which expanded my parameters and triggered ideas for new projects.

I actually completed a project; a small sculpture for a local group exhibition.  Often in the past, I may have gone off on a tangent and abandoned the work unfinished, then made excuses to myself about why, but having a plan of attack and setting goals to keep me on track really worked for me.  Finishing something gave me a sense of accomplishment and a much-needed confidence boost. 
— Jo Williams